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journo by trade
wordsmith by choice

Communication is art.

The words you use to tell your story matter. Let me tell you why.


social is king
content is key

Not all content is created equal. People who engage, believe.

People who believe, buy.

Image by Patrick Perkins

definition, direction

Understanding who you are, who your target market personas are and how you best reach them.

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I am completely thrilled that you're here.

I'm an anti-marketing marketer that believes investment in your brand, loyal customer base and smart organic communications will have you far better placed than any paid promotion. I don't do fluff or unnecessary garble. You'll see that on this simple, to-the-point website you've just stumbled upon.

Sound like we're on a winner? Read on and let's connect.

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the anti-marketing marketer

free advice anyone?

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