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acting editor
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storyteller by nature

let me tell your story.

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journo by trade, wordsmith by choice

I love to tell a story. Your story is everything. From how you came to be where you are today, to the individual people behind your brand making it happen. James in reception to Carol in the warehouse. They all matter.


Every body and every brand has a story.


How you tell that story is the difference between being truly relevant and engaging with your audience to simply fading into insignificance.

Words are my bag.


To me, researching, crafting and sharing a story is a thing of beauty. Nothing makes me happier than composing the perfect words to convey what your business means to you and what you want it to mean to your customer.

journo by trade
wordsmith by choice

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are you saying it right?

some gentle tweaking may be


Social media and EDM (Email Direct Marketing) are wonderful channels but they shouldn't be done just for the sake of it.


What do you need to say to your people? How do we best connect and engage so they trust you, adore you, keep coming back to you and do your marketing for you by way of rave reviews?


Having customers or members who truly believe in you and your offering is worth far more to you than a number of followers, likes or open rates.

Telling your story and asking people to connect. Sharing truly relevant and useful content. Using the right words to the right people. It's more powerful and influential than any paid promotion you can run.


We start with an honest audit of your current social media, internal and external communications, email, website, the whole kit and kaboodle. Anything and everything you use to communicate. Then, form a strategic comms plan to ensure that key comms metrics, behaviour change and sales targets are met.

It's not always paid promotions that get you there.

Sometimes, all it takes are the right words delivered in a well-timed and well-placed manner.

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words matter.

template for the win.

creating reliable and effective templates for repeat business that your staff are able to utilise.

not reinventing the wheel every time.

perfect for companies looking to streamline their comms  and maintain consistent brand voice and tone. never boring. not stilted. just editable and strategic comms. 

the power of word of mouth.

telling your story to your audience.

resonating with those important to your brand.

connecting with their own stories in reply.

by connecting and creating conversation around your brand you generate and harness the power of the Raving Fan recommendation.

this is where true and lasting business growth lives. in the belief and advocacy of the loyal.

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