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I'm not a fan of these 'about me' pages to be honest but I figure you probably need to see that I have professional experience, at least enough to know what I am talking about. So here goes.


For the past 12-years I have worked as a Marketing and Communications Professional. I have a BA Mass Communications Degree from Curtin University with a Double Major in Journalism and PR. I also studied the additional units to enable a third Major in Marketing.

I won the competition held in the final capstone PR unit for Best Creative Strategic Pitch to real client, up against around 300 students. I love strategy. I cannot stress that enough.


I started my career in the Public Sector, working for Landcare Australia as their PR Manager for WA and NT, then the Agricultural Produce Commission as their Marketing and Communications Manager / Executive Officer.

I later went on to work for brands such as Thermomix in Australia as their Print and Digital Content Coordinator, editing cookbooks and programming Recipe Chips and then finally, as the Communications Manager for Quickflix.

I then had my daughter Eleanor after years of IVF and decided to work freelance so I could continue my career and be a Mum.

I currently work with several different agencies and private clients as a Freelance Communications and Brand Consultant, as well as a Freelance Journalist.

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controversial opinion.

for someone in my line of work.

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During my time in this industry I have come to develop a somewhat controversial opinion (particularly for someone in my line of work). Here it is, that Marketing in the traditional sense, i.e. paid campaigns and promotions aimed just at new customers or 'specials', often appear to be largely a waste of time.


I know. Controversial.

But hear me out.

Money spent does not always equal money earned and social channels like Facebook have developed their business model to keep you spending more and more money simply to get the same result.

Their processes and metrics are often clunky, complex and confusing, with the purpose of keeping them 'almighty fountains of knowledge' and us, as the Users, confused, disenfranchised and scrambling to catch up.


Plus, these campaigns are usually aimed at new business and not investing time and money in your existing loyal customer base. Which feels a little backward to me. Because I believe that true and lasting growth comes from the development of an iconic or cult following from your customers.

It's in the "viral" sharing or "buzz" from people recommending you to anyone who will listen. And that is created through your existing loyal customers. Through the generation of loyalty and connection. People who know your story and want to pass it along for you.


Not new business or endless Facebook campaigns.


There is a simpler and better way.

Invest in your customers and they will invest in you. Give a little more, ask a little less and generate clever organic campaigns designed to get your loyal customer base generating content and engagement for you.

Here's where I come in.

I would see marketing comms aimed at gimmicks, unfulfilled promises and "noise" falling flat time and again.

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the anti-marketing

the how.

we've talked who, what + why, now let's get down to the nuts and bolts.

So, how do you get your loyal customer base to reinvest in you and tell your story for you?

I believe it is the development of a sound understanding of your customer, what they want from you, what makes them tick, what seals the deal. It's understanding and appreciating their values and how you, as a trusted brand, can confirm and align with those values.

To do this, we work together to identify these customers and create a Persona for them. A persona is essentially an archetype of different types of customers or stakeholders you may have and need to reach.


Then, the fun part begins.


We audit your existing comms and channels to ensure everything aligns and resonates with each Persona and tweak or iterate where required. We develop a clear strategy for your comms moving forward and create some great campaigns and content to facilitate and drive engagement.

Intrigued? Wonderful.

Let's dig a little deeper and arrange a time to Strat Chat.

think about it.

what has more sway in your life?


a Facebook/Instagram ad or a recommendation

from a trusted friend or relative?


whether it's a digital share or an opportune "Oh...I've got to tell you about..." over coffee or a cold one, I'll bet their recommendation holds far more weight than Zuckerberg's bots. well I hope so.

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earn the right to promote.

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