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business strategy

strategic planning

SWOT analysis

comms audit

customer personas

user experience

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strat chat

fun name for serious stuff.

Book a Strat Chat

Whether you've been in business for years or you're jut starting out, strategy is important. I really can't stress that enough without typing in ALL CAPS.

Truly understanding your audience or market and identifying their respective personas (there is typically more than one) will shape how you best reach each of your desired customer and resonate with them enough to inspire action.


The strategy that underpins all of that, the identification of those customer personas and how they interact with your brand and infrastructure, is a crucial process that many businesses sometimes gloss over. You know what you do and who you are (probably) but may not have the same understanding of your various desired customers.

Knowing you and your motivations is one thing. Knowing your ideal customer's, is an entirely different ball game and something that needs to be understood by every one in your company. Not just the person who writes the emails or social content. Anyone and everyone who has a role to play in the running of your business.

Let's identify, strategise and clarify for everyone. All in. Everyone on the same page.

And it all starts with the Strat Chat.

knowing your business is one thing.
knowing your desired customers and how they see your business, is something else entirely.

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a creative
safe space.

Like a crab in a rock pool, amazing business opportunities can be hiding ever-so-cleverly right under your nose. You just need to know which rock to turnover.

Sometimes all it takes is sitting down, sipping a coffee and having a good chat with someone new to your business, to get started.


Understanding your business, industry, supply chain and sales channel is key but how do we use that knowledge to leverage your business? You know more than you possibly even realise. Writing down the things that work well and the things that need attention is a great place to start.

Let's sit down and get to the nuts and bolts of your business. Let's see what happens when the communication lines open and the slate is clean. A creative safe space for all who enter.


It's amazing what can happen when someone with fresh eyes and ears joins the conversation.

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fresh eyes
open minds.

different strokes

my clients hire me in many different formats.

some book regular hours. some work project-to-project and some call upon me if and when they need. whatever your budget or requirements.

I also offer special rates for certain people and projects.

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about sums it up.

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